Our community is made up of people from different walks of life including doctors, engineers, lawyers, programmers, firefighters, and law enforcement agents who come together with the sole purpose of assisting combat veterans in their transition into civil life.

The programs we have on offer assist veterans to obtain necessary skills which will help them in the post-war challenge they are facing. This would also allow them to live more productive and satisfactory lives after putting their lives on the line to protect their country. It is our hope that by doing so, we can establish a safe and supervised environment that will enhance the adjustment process for those who have served in the military. We engage in programs such as:


We organize Retreats for our veterans who have been injured in battle including those who suffer from PTSD. During the retreat, we engage in physical activities such as kayaking, mountain climbing, martial arts training, boating, and archery.

Throughout the duration of the retreat, we allow our members the opportunity to work together with doctors, therapists, and counselors who utilize the very best innovative tools to integrate them back into society. We organize bonfires and gather participants to share their stories, telling each other the challenges they pass through to adjust into civilian life. This is to combine healing forces.

Disaster Initiative

We came about this plan to ensure there are still ways by which the skills our veterans have can still be harnessed to the benefit of society. Our veterans are giving the opportunity to serve with affected populations, and provide assistance during disaster situations such as the aftermath of a natural disaster, and other emergency situations. They serve as volunteers in various departments including firefighting, road control, and other volunteer services as may be deemed necessary by the local authorities.


"I am very grateful to this agency for helping me and my wife afford a house and especially Mr. Gualo who got me the keys to the apartment during thanksgiving".

- Mr. & Mrs. Harold Brian

"I just want to show my appreciation for assisting one of my veterans. He informed me of how you were able to assist him so he could retain his vehicle which helps him go to work and school. I sincerely know he will use this chance afforded him to become self-sufficient and ultimately give back to people in his community."

- Community Supervisor VC.

"This agency is a fantastic institution to partner with because we can rely on them to always work with the veterans in a courteous and respectful manner. They are one of the few agencies in the country who are not hindered by location. They use their wide reach to reach out to veterans spread across the country in a most efficient way. We have been able to partner with them for a number of years and we have seen first-hand the good works they have done for our veterans. We hope they continue to do more.

- The Veteran Frontier