People with Post-traumatic stress disorder frequently find it hard to cope with the constant symptoms of anxiety. In a bid to manage these symptoms, people often rely on poor ways of coping. They invariably resort to alcohol, drugs or both. Luckily, there are quite a few ways to cope with this disorder that will help lower your anxiety levels and make them more manageable.

Deep Breaths

This is a very crucial technique to master. It could sound trivial but quite a number of people do not understand proper breathing techniques. A well taken breath involves your diaphragm. There should be an expansion of your belly size when you breathe in and when you exhale, it should contract. But over the years, a lot of people have lost the ability to breathe properly will use their shoulders or chest. This results in short raspy breaths which increase the potential for stress and anxiety. However, it is not too late to re-master the technique. It is important to try to understand good breathing practices as this helps you alleviate stress.

Muscle relaxation technique

This is a way to relax which concentrates on a person moving between two separate muscle groups. It is akin to swinging a pendulum. You can do this by first tensing your muscles to the fullest. Contract them very hard. After this, try relaxing them allowing them to expand. You will see that you become relaxed almost instantaneously. Another advantage to this is that whenever you get overtaken by anxiety, the tensing of your muscles can act as a trigger to relax subconsciously.

Mind techniques

The use of mind techniques to combat stress has been around for some time. Think yoga. Albeit, modern professionals are beginning to value the benefits this technique has to overcome anxiety and depression. The mind technique is about being in the moment.

We are usually engrossed with all that is happening around us, finding it hard to keep our heads afloat from all the problems that threaten to drown us in misery. But by practicing this technique daily, we can master our emotions and conquer our anxiety.


This is a good way to put a lid on your anxiety and stress symptoms. We should be conscious of ourselves and how we think in order to be aware of what triggers us. By being aware, we can prevent an anxiety attack before it happens. By letting our emotions run unchecked, we stand the risk of suffering from a mental breakdown. Our thoughts will become ungovernable and unpredictable. Self-monitoring is just a way to keep ourselves in touch with our mind so as to not let our thoughts spiral out of control.

Social support

This simple means talking to people other than yourself. It has been proven that reaching out to other people for help greatly reduces the effects of PTSD when you have someone trustworthy you can talk to, you will find it easier to live through stressful events. Having a single person to talk with may likely not amount to much. The best thing will be to join a community and be more sociable with people to make more friends.


There are many medications that can help you deal with anxiety. A doctor's prescription of medical marijuana can go a long way in giving you relief when you are in a crisis. Marijuana has been known to relieve anxiety. It also elevates your mood.


There are other techniques which were not mentioned but we know these tips will come handy for you in the future.