We proffer support to extant alongside former service men and women including their families through an assortment of benefits. This may include one time or monthly payments in the following cases:

  • Injury, disease and death

  • Permanent disability

  • Incapacitation from active service and gainful employment

  • Provision of health care

  • Provision for physical aid such as wheelchair, glasses, and prosthetic limbs

Requirement and Qualification

To be entitled to the above-mentioned benefits you must fall under the following category of persons:


These are people who served in the Defense Force and their qualifying service is a criteria for receiving benefits under the VAA Act. As a veteran you may have this qualification if you:

  • Served in operational areas which were allotted for duty during the Second World War and in which you took part in active service.

  • Were in tour of duty during the Second World War and were in line of danger from hostile enemy forces during hostilities.

  • Served in submarine operations in the Atlantic and Pacific fleet between the periods of 1979 to 1993 and was awarded with a service medal.

  • Were awarded or qualified to be awarded designated medals for bomb clearance and minesweeping services after the Second World War.

Former Active Members

If you have been a former active member of the defense forces you could be qualified for benefits for any medical condition in line with your service. The benefits to be proffered is in line with the legislation in force at the duration of your service and the service you put in.

Current Active members

If you are an extant member of the defense force - and this goes for reserve and cadet members, you will be qualified for medical care, rehabilitation, and benefits including vocational services for conditions which are in line with your service.

If you sustained injury or illness in the line duty as a member of the defense forces, you may be qualified for a gold card (for specific treatments) or diamond card (for all treatments) at the VAA's expense.


If you are married, in a common law relationship, or separated from a member/veteran you could be qualified for benefits as a partner.


If you lost your legally married partner, who is a member or veteran, you may be qualified to access financial benefits and other emoluments from the VAA.


Financial benefits, educational support services, including other financial schemes, guidance, an counselling services may be accessible to children of qualified veterans and members.

Assessment tool

To find out if you are qualified for benefits under our scheme, please use this tool to know your status.