Our veteran care agency is a governmental body which provides support and services for:

  • Veterans and their families

  • Defence personnel and staff

  • War widows and widowers

  • Members of all military services.

We provide a variety of services including:

  • Compensation, gratuity and pension

  • Health care

  • Rehabilitation and counseling

  • Assistance for service men and women transitioning into civilian life

  • Scholarships and grants for families of late military personnel

  • Family assistance

  • Loan subsidies for housing and house-related benefits

  • Remembrance activities

  • Historical information

Our Remembrance Days promotes and commits into memory our wartime time-line and the importance of national events like the Remembrance Day.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide government services and programs for our war veterans, their dependents, and members of the defence force. We are governed under the following enactments:

  • The Veterans Benefits Act

  • Defence Force Home Law

  • The Military Rehabilitation and Transition Act

  • The War Cemeteries Act

Our Deliverables

At the end of every fiscal year, we report to the oversight committee to evaluate our performance on three crucial factors:

  • To take care of the fiscal welfare including the wellbeing of prescribed persons, and their dependents giving them access to financial support, compensation, and other inter-related services.

  • To take care of and maintain the physical and mental wellbeing of prescribed persons and their dependents through medical and other health services which promotes prompt prevention, early detection, and adequate treatment including advice about health-related benefits.

  • To acknowledge and remember those who have served our country in war and peace time and the promotion of Valor and Pride in service.

Our structure

The Veteran Affairs Agency employs over 1000 staff in different locations across the country. We have branches distributed in all state and capitals as well as smaller local offices known as Veteran Affairs Units (VAU). We give information, advice as well as provide advocacy services to our members.

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  • Repatriation Authority

  • Military Rehabilitation and Benefits Agency

  • Veterans Gambling For Good

  • Veterans Review Commission

  • Veterans' Dependents Education Authority

  • Repatriation Medical Board

  • The War Cemetery Commission

How We Serve You

We are dedicated to preferring a client-focused service and we shall always:

  • Be kind, polite, and respectful

  • Be fair and professional in our transaction

  • Be prompt in our service delivery to you

  • Make it convenient for you to access services on our website

  • Take care of your concerns, complaints, questions, and inquiries.

  • Keep you aware of your entitlements and benefits.